by The Gold Rust

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Kaycee Anseth: voice, rhodes
C.B. Ó Corcráin: voice, guitar, basúcaí, marxophone, tube tape echo

Jared Nelson Smith: double bass, lap steel, rhodes, omnichord, tube tape echo, marxophone, trumpet, tuba, organ, electric guitar, banjo, voice
Micah Peterson: voice
Nora K.W. Smith: voice
Ricky Newton: drums

The Red Meadow Choir: Alicia Goddammit Renner + Ms. Anna G + Jared + Nora + Harvey + Micah + Cathasach Buidhe


released October 17, 2016

Recorded Midsummer 2016 at The Tinder Box, Deschutes River Woods, Cascadia, by Jared Nelson Smith.

Produced by Jared Nelson Smith and The Gold Rust
Mixed by Ryan David Staples
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion Mastering, Portland, Oregon.

Photography by Sarah B. Gilliam

All lyrics and tunes by Kaycee Anseth & C.B. Ó Corcráin


all rights reserved



The Gold Rust Bend, Oregon

just sitting here waiting for the volcanoes. earthquakes. the cold, cold surf. the sunsets when the forests are burning. moonlight above the lava flows. at night. cigarette smoke slowly drifting away when the wind finally stops blowing. slackwater warm. between tennessee and ireland you're just treading water. between the devil and the deep green sea. from one savage shore to another. ... more

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Track Name: Western Sky
I was born beneath the wide western sky
I was blessed in the clear cold stream
I was loved in the roots and the branches
Reaching up for you and reaching down for me

I’m giving up the things that keep me from you
I’m taking off my skin my flesh and bone
I throw myself into the wild places
I’m giving up on ever finding home

I’m looking in and I’m looking down
There’re so many ways to give yourself away
What if we could get drunk on light?
What if we could get high on sound?

Love will have its way with you
As sure as these rivers turn mountains to sand
And the fires will forge a looking glass
To see at the end back to where we began
Track Name: HWY 58
Supposing I could sleep 100 years
What would happen when I wake?
Would this forest still remember the way I felt today?
Would I think about the consequence?
Would I fear the early frost?
Or would I split and put my thumb out on Highway 58

Because I’m sick of all your lying
I’m still waiting for something true
And I’m tired of getting fucked up
But not fucking up with you

When you called to say the tidal wave
Was coming my way
I just smiled and shrugged my shoulders
Let it carry you away
I’ve never climbed the highest mountain
I’ve never slept out on the plain
I only claim to be an honest man
And that doesn’t mean I’m brave

And I’m sick of all this worry
I’ve been trying for far too long
And I’m tired of saying sorry
I’ll admit that we are lost

I’ve got nothing to protect
I’ve got nothing left to save
Who’s been casting that rain shadow?
Across the desert and the sage?
Growing up out on the dry side
I’m still waiting for the rain
So I walked into the river
Let it carry me away
Track Name: Natchez Trace
Churning up the ground where our footfalls fell
Where the path became a line became a road
Waiting for the trees to make the concrete swell
And the wild remembers what it use to know

And the echo’s of your hallowed ground
Will haunt us to the marrow of our bones

The river’s getting weary on it’s pathway down
As the rain becomes the stream becomes the sea
It’s just gathering its strength
Before we’re all long gone
That river doesn’t need a lullaby from me

The circle’s bound to break
And the cradle’s about to fall
There’s a mighty sound
When they bring down the walls
If the center holds it just might free us all
When the trumpet sounds
The stars start swirling around

And the howling of the wolves my child
Will calm you to the bottom of your soul

All good things it seems they’ve gone quiet now
As the death becomes the night becomes the dawn
The storm is gathering outside the gate my child
So I think I’ll just sit and watch it come
Track Name: Springbrook Springs Sings Often
It was a Tuesday night when I left La Pine
The sky was on fire like velvet and wine
I picked them up for a ride
The Chad and Josiah
The one started taking the other was quiet
I just stared out the window
Of my chartreuse Ford Pinto
The Chad kept on talking
Would we get there in time?
On a Tuesday night
We veered left towards the mountains
Where the trees are like giants
The Chad finally fell silent

On the other side of the reservoir
We stopped for some smokes at a Mill City drug store
Because Detroit Lake was a misnomer
So we dealt with some business
Before moving right along

On a Tuesday night we drove on towards the ocean
Where a 30 ft. Cutter would be sailing by sunrise
Out towards the horizon
At least that was the plan
And we thought it a good one
We thought it was grand
On a Tuesday night I looked back at Josiah
And his head started shaking
When we first head the sirens
The Chad lit up another
I put my foot to the floor
Topped her out around 100mph
I said a prayer to the Lord

And he heard my words and reached down his hand
And he carried that Ford Pinto to the Promised Land
And we stood there before him
On streets paved with gold
And the skies were periwinkle and the rivers ran free and cold
Track Name: Black River Black Road
Seven Sons and Seven Daughters
I held my breath beneath the water my whole life
Never meant to take the blame
Tell me why it is the tamed always hate the wild

Hold me down
But hold me steady

Sank below the thirsty desert
They built a road on top the empty riverbed
I wish I’d seen that exit coming
In a world where every soldier needs a girl back home

Lay down your weapons down
Exit Eden
Track Name: Malfunction Junction
It was almost light
You could see the night
Hanging on to the east horizon

But it lost its grip and began to slip
And the West was all was left of him

And you could see the moon
In their sails at night
As they dreamed the old Alhambra

And the angels sang as he spoke her name
She prayed these words so softly

As you sailed away past the Bandon that day
And I said I’d love you anyway
I cursed the winds that lead you astray
From one savage shore to another
Track Name: Would You Rather a Crown or a Halo?
I made a ring of marigold
In some place you never go
I left before the sun came up
Lost a button from my coat

I got cut up in tangled leaves
And found you on the ground
I asked you to your face
Would you rather have a halo or a crown?

I grew my beard out twice as long
I was milking goats
I cried so hard when I turned them loose
On some foreign northern coast

Inside I left on all the lights
To try and shake the night
I would have offered you a drink
But I broke that glass of wine

I lost my faith in Jesus Christ
But kept the Holy Ghost
You went to sea as the leaves came out
While I was the one to float

I spared the child of Abraham
You went up in smoke
A love song for a lesser god
Was the best I ever wrote

Your father was a matador
Who lived between the wars
And the red flags flew
And I stood there waiting for you

The river carried us along
You were right there by my side
And the wolves milk on our lips
Tasted like the melting of the snow

The rain falls on a summer's night
That evening you were born
As the wind drifts across those northern plains
I can hear the cannons roar

The Lion and the Unicorn
Caught in the Dragon’s Throat
And if these wall could speak
Would they tell us thing the rocks already know

Mother Mary pray for us
The stars have lost their light
Because I wished upon them all that I someday see
An arrow drift in flight

Were you the one just standing there
Upon the grassy knoll?
When I looked back there was nothing left
And it felt so long ago

And I wonder who you are
Track Name: 12 July
Magpie! Magpie!
Sitting up there on a telephone line
Why’d you have to go and let them die?

I was all alone on the open road
And I saw the Devil standing by himself
So I thought I’d stand a while right by his side
And the moon did rise and the moon did fall
On the forest floor and the city walls
And the Devil got dull
So I went and found Father Time and he said….

I was all alone on the open sea and I saw the stars
Staring back and me, said:
“find your own way home son, we ain’t gunna be your guide.”
And the waves did rise and the waves did fall
And I heard the call of the Albatross
Wrapped around the neck of God
On the starboard side and God said….

I was all alone in the open flame
And I heard a woman call me by my name
Was it the Lady in Red?
Was it Jesus’ wife?
And I felt her hand fall across my back
And the Lightning struck and the Thunder clapped
And all I know is that I wish that she was mine
But she said….

I was all alone in the open sky
And I felt the Holy Ghost pass me by
Like a southbound bird
Running scared from the winters light
And the moon turned red and the stars did fall
And I stood my ground without a care at all and Father Time said:
“Boy, are you ready to take the fall?” So I said….

Magpie! Magpie!
Sitting up there like the 12th of July
Why’d you have to go and let them die?
Magpie! Magpie!
You burn them down when you pile them high
Why’d you have to go and let them die?
Why d'you always have to mock us when we hide?
Track Name: Night Won't Fall
Pushed our love out past the State line
Broken fences faded speed limit signs
Memorized one side of your face
Miles grow longer as we both search for shade
Coyote caught on a barbed wire fence
Shining road ahead ain’t nothing left behind
Light above in bearing down on bleached white bones
Bury myself in this ground

Night won’t come
Night just won’t fall
Remember when we longed for the Sun?
Night just won’t fall

Wide as the water across the endless sea
Deep as the desert dreams
Who was listening?
Skin of the Ages pulled back for all to see
The Melody beneath
What else could there be?
Colors of Twilight
The Names of the Winds
Calling them back to me again
Do the stars know we are gone?
Have they aligned?
Or have they all fallen down?
Track Name: Red Meadow
I see the pigs in the forest
The river’s a broad winding chorus
And I think the gods might adore us
For being free

I wish this body would lie down
And cover the earth without making a sound
I’ll be the talk of the whole town
For being free

Bury my heart in the Meadow
I wandered away without missing your shadow
I still hear you singing soft and low….

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